Metal Refining and Recovery

Metal Refining and Recovery

Quality and purity that's unmatched

Commercial refining of precious metals is the cornerstone of Bangalore Refinery. We have always maintained high standards and procedures in precious metal refining and recovery. We recover precious metal from by-products from industries (e.g. electronic scrap, spent auto catalysts, spent industrial catalysts, spent electro plating solution, sweeps & bullions), secondary precious metal in form of jewellery, bullion dore metals and others.

We even offer a collection service for scrap and sweeps and the whole recovery process is carried out by experienced specialists. Precious metals are either returned to the clients as purem etal or in product form or can be sold to the company after processing. In-house analytical facilities provide full metallurgical analysis of client's precious metal samples as well as quality control for the company's many products. Every product at Bangalore Refinery is delivered with a genuine seal of purity. As a technically innovative company, Bangalore Refinery has developed many in-house systems ensuring environment friendly processes and maximum efficiency.

In order secure future supplies of raw material for our customers we work on builidng strong relationship with mining and exploration companies. We belief in building long term mutually beneficial contracts with them.

We already has long term buying contract with mines, offering them a competitive rate for the dore. We also provides financial assistance for developing mines.

We also works with the informal mining sector providing it technical and financial assistance. We offer a gold purchase program for dore gold for artisian miners and dore aggregators in various countries. Our procedures are is simple , contact us with the quantity and quality you wish to sell, ship the material to our refinery with the required documents. The material will be melted assayed and the payment will be done 24 hours by swift transfer.

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