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Precious Metal Chemicals

Precious Metal Chemicals

Quality that sets global standards

At Bangalore Refinery, we manufacture various chemical and engineering products including Gold Potassium Cyanide (GPC). Used in the precious metal coating, electro plating and finishing industries, Bangalore Refinery's GPC meets the strict global standards of leading manufacturers from electronic, horological and jewellery industries.

  Gold Compounds

  • GPC (Gold Potassium Cyanide) K[Au(CN)2]
    68.30% gold content, used for electroplating and electroless plating of gold
  • TGPC (Tri-valent Gold Potassium Cyanide) K[Au(CN)4]
    57.8% gold content, used for direct plating of gold on stainless steel

  •   Silver Compounds

    • SPC (Silver Potassium Cyanide) K[Ag(CN)2]
      54% silver content
    • SC (Silver Cyanide) AgCN
      80% silver content
    • SN (Silver Nitrate) AgNO3
      63.5% silver content
    • (SO) Silver Oxide Ag2O
      93.1% silver content
    • (SC) Silver Chloride AgCl
      75% silver content
    • (SS) Silver Sulphate Ag2SO4
      69% silver content

  Palladium Compounds

  • Palladium Diammine Dichloride [Pd(NH3)2Cl2]
    50% polladium content
  • Palladium Chloride PdC12
    60% Palladium content
  • Palladium Tetramaine Sulphate [Pd(NH3)4]SO4
    39% Palladium content
  • Palladium II Acetate [Pd(CH3COO)2]
    46.5% Palladium content

  •   Rhodium Compounds

    • Rhodium (III) Tri-Chloride Anhydrous [RhCl3]
      49% Rhodium content
    • Rhodium (III) Tri-Chloride Hydrate [RhCl3,H2O]
      39.43% Rhodium content

    •   Ruthenium Compounds

      • Ruthenium (III) Tri-Chloride Anhydrous [RuCl3]
        48.5% Ruthenium content
      • Ruthenium (III) Tri-Chloride Hydrate [RuCl3,H2O]
        38.43% Ruthenium content

      • Others

        • Gold Targets
        • Gold wires for PVD
          Physical Vapour Deposition
        • Silver Anodes available in various sizes
        • Gold and silver pellets, sheets, wires, plates and granules

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